Our Founder

Eric Bass

Eric Bass established Neurability Foundation in 2022 to support and drive innovation in the field of workforce neurodiversity. He recognized the immense challenges neurodivergent individuals face as they prepare for, enter and participate in today’s information economy. Eric serves as President of Neurability Foundation’s Board of Directors.


A rare combination of enterprise technologist, C-Level advisor and entrepreneur, Eric has a singular focus to make strong and lasting impacts on his client's businesses.

He focuses on the intersection of business strategy, technology and the workforce needed to gain competitive advantage. Eric's talent for delivering value to complex organizations from privately held, high growth firm to global businesses around the world has formed to basis for his entire career.

Eric is also CEO of Neurability Technologies, a company he founded in 2022 to create the first technology services and consulting firm composed chiefly of neurodivergent professionals. Prior roles include leadership positions in venture capital, and executive roles in Grant Thornton, SMART LLC, IBM and DXC Technologies.

Eric and his fiancé Lisa live in Connecticut near to his three children and the Berkshire Mountains where he spends time exploring the outdoors and enjoying his love for wine tasting and collecting.

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